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Learn to Play the Thammattama
2nd edition: a lesson book for beginning South Asian Drumming! Basic Patterns progressing to Solos and Duets. This is a practical lesson book for the uninitiated into Sri Lankan music who wants to learn to play but cannot currently find a teacher ...more
Monday, April 24, 2017
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1829  Ehelapola Maha Adigar (Prime minister) to the last king of Kandy, died at age 57 while exiled in Mauritius. Ehelapola was forced in to exile by the British after obtaining his help to depose king Sri Wickrama Rajasingha.
2007  LTTE staged an air attack on the Palaly airbase in Jaffna. The bombs fell on a nearby army barracks causing casualties.
2008  The Sri Lankan army attempted a march south from Muhamalai and Nagarkovil in the Northern Peninsula, but were beaten back by the LTTE fighters. The army lost over 150 men. LTTE deaths were estimated to be around 80.
2008  The Madhu church complex west of Mannar was liberated from the grip of the LTTE by Sri Lanka Army's 57 Division.
Who Needs Dysfunction in the Balkans?
by Zlatko Hadžidedić ( April 24, 2017, Viena, Sri Lanka Guardian) Foreign Affairs, a respected American foreign policy magazine, published in December 2016 an article under the title Dysfunction […]...
Breaking News – Result of French Presidential first round election
by our London Correspondent ( April 24, 2017, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) The French Presidential election result on Sunday 23 May 2017 came as exit polls […]...
CPEC and Balochistan
by Dr Shabir Choudhry ( April 23, 2017, London , Sri Lanka Guardian) From Chinese territory, the CPEC will enter an occupied territory of Gilgit Baltistan, as […]...
France: Will ‘La Morosite’ Win The Vote?
by Eric S. Margolis ( April 23, 2017, New York City, Sri Lanka Guardian)I watched the final French presidential debate last Thursday night with fascination and […]...
Meetotamulla: A Symbol of Indifference and Injustice
by Tisaranee Gunasekara “A structure built on human callousness will inevitably collapse in on itself”. Avraham Burg (IHT – 6.9.2003) ( April 23, 2017, Colombo, Sri […]...
Israel and Sri Lankan Islamophobia
This article leads to the question whether the Israeli propaganda organization Hasbara, which has plenty of funds at its disposal, is using Backlash and Kettikaran as […]...
Racing and Racehorse legends
Horse racing has been popular for centuries and it’s now the second biggest spectator sport in UK, with several exceptional horses capturing the hearts of the […]...
Sri Lanka: Masturbating on Meethotomulla Tragedy!
Meethotumulla was different. The life of the slum dweller is not as sophisticated to demarcate between race and religion. From Kolonnawa to Hatey waththa to Kumbi […]...
Myanmar: Ceasefire on the Rocks: A Setback to Suu Kyi?
It was clear from the offensive of the Burmese Army that the KIA was no match to them in semi conventional battles where the former used […]...
Role of the All Ceylon Jamiathul Ulama — A Response
Response to ‘Bizarre Ruling by the All Ceylon Jamiathul Ulama’ by Ms. Nelum Withanage – ‘Sri Lanka Guardian’, published on the April 16, 2017. by Mohammed […]...
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