Karuna Trust Launches the Distribution of Dictionaries
Dictionaries for rural childrenKaruna Trust distributed the first lot of dictionaries to all the 50 members of Muthuhara Lama Samajaya in Kebithigollewa on the 22nd of last month. The distribution of dictionaries was held in parallel to the opening ceremony of the Muthuhara Lama Samajaya Library at Kebithigollewa.
The second lot will be distributed on the 25th instant to a selected number of 150 students from the schools in Matara District and the third lot will be distributed on the 31st instant to another 250 selected students from Anuradapura District.
The Government has declared the year 2009 as the year to promote the teaching of English language and computer literacy. Department of Education has started English medium classes in many rural schools. But we don't think that this will be a success unless there will be well trained teachers and extra English books at an affordable price. An English Sinhala dictionary is a must for these students and the price of an English Sinhala dictionary is Rs.1200.00. A poor farmer cannot afford to buy a dictionary for their children at this price.
Karuna Trust has launched a project to donate English Sinhala dictionaries to the needy students who study in English medium. Any one who is willing to donate a dictionary to a needy student can do so by sending $.10.00 (Rs.1100.00) to the following account. Also if any one can donate secondhand English story books which are suitable for children will be welcome.
Karuna Trust
A/C No. 711444
Bank of Ceylon
Please visit our website www.karunalanka.org for more details. See our earlier post for a background of this project.
Gift of dictionaries
Last updated: Saturday, January 17, 2009
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