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The Electronic Stealing for the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election
By Dr. Gavin Karunaratne
Those who are interested in Free and Fair Elections should read this.
The University Press of America-Available from AMAZON.COM -ISBN No.1419682421
This book discusses in depth the issues encountered during the 2004 US presidential election focusing primarily on the failure of the electronic process. Coverage is provided to the scandal of the election voting machines that fraudulently added votes to George W Bush. The lack of a paper trail in key states meant that the decision of the voting machines had to be accepted as the final. The discussion concludes with the factors that can assure fair presidential elections in the future.
1. Documents the very high incidents of voting machinery malfunction in favour of George W Bush
2. How the engineers and technicians designed the software in the voting machines to favour the Republicans
3. No paper trail meant that the voting machine totals were final
4. Proves that " it is not who votes that counts but who counts that votes
5. Documents that negligence in the certification of voting machines enable election to be stolen
6. Details the security measures to be adopted to ensure that no future election is stolen ever again
Book By Dr. Gavin Karunaratne, a former Elections Administrator currently an International Consultant, author of "The administrative bungling that hijacked the 2000 US Presidential election"
Last updated: Monday, April 28, 2008
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