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Donor from Plano, Texas, comes to the aid of remote school in Sri Lanka


Mawnana is a remote village in Sri Lanka in the vicinity of Sinharaja forest with less facilities. Majority of the people over there are tea estate workers and their daily earning is less than $.3.00. There is the only school in this village where even the basic facilities are not available.


This is a mixed school with 365 students and 13 teachers. Out of this 365 students six are Tamil students and the rest of the children are Sinhala Buddhists. We found that, there are only two toilets for the whole school and these toilets are also in very bad condition.

There are four small buildings with 13 classrooms and there are 13 classes in the school. One classroom is used as principal's office and staff room and an another for the library and music room. Two classes are conducted in a temporary building. The Education Department has started to construct a new building about five years ago and the construction work has stopped half way. Shortage of teachers is also a great disadvantage for the children's studies.


Karuna Trust will target this school as our 2010 project. Urgent requirements at the school are two toilets for the girls and another for the teachers. The other major requirement is a building with four classrooms where two of it can be use for the library and the music room. If we can
complete the upper floor of the building which has stop halfway, the problem will be over for the time being. The other requirement was a library and we were lucky to start it on the 4th of this month with a donation given by Mrs.Sharmani Nimalaratne of Plano, Texas. She has sent US$ 1700.00 to start this library to wish her son on his 1st birthday. We had a small function and pirith chanting to bless the child. Mrs. Nimalaratne has shown a great example by donating this money for a worthy project.


The estimated cost for the three toilets is SLR.150,000.00 (US$.1340.00). Still we have not received the estimate to complete the work of the half way done building.


Here are a few photos of the library which we have started and few photos showing the condition of the toilets and the buildings.


Donated Library Donated library 

Current toilet Current toilet

Half built school building Walkway


With metta,

Mahinda Karunaratne

Last updated: Wednesday, October 21, 2009
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