Katina Robe Offering Ceremony at the Texas Buddhist Meditation Center


Texas Buddhist Meditation Center in Fort Worth, Texas celebrated its second annual Katina ceremony on Saturday 30th of October with the participation of area devotees. Monks from several area temples and from the Houston Buddhist Vihara graced the ceremony. Ven. Basnagoda Rahula of the Houston Buddhist Vihara and Ven. Rathanaguna of the Fort Worth Vietnamese temple were the chief guests.


Mr. Susantha Halamba of Las Colinas, Texas, sponsored this year's Katina ceremony under the guidance of Bhante Kamburugalle Nanda.


Devotees began the day with sewing the ceremonial robe followed by morning dhana.  Children and adults joined in the Buddha Puja with offering of flowers to the newly unveiled marble statue of the Lord Buddha. Many devotees participated in the dhana offered to over 20 monks from several area temples. The day ended with a procession followed by the ceremonial offering of robes.




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Last updated: Tuesday, November 2, 2010
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