Flood aid by Karuna Trust


Broken dam


Thank you for the donation that you have sent for our flood relief work. We are pleased to write that we have received $3150.00 from few of our well-wishers to help the flood victims. Also we received SLR 230,000.00 from Sri Lankan donors which includes SLR 100,000.00 from Karunaratne & Sons.


On the 3rd of this month we have send 1000 kg of dry ration to Medawachchiya which was distributed among 100 flood victim families. There after on the 22nd I personally wend to Kokavila Village Officer’s Division, which is 16 km away from Galenbindunuwewa. It was a very hard journey but I was so pleased to serve those innocent people from my hands. Also I was able to see myself the disaster that these people have faced.


There are five villages under this village officer’s division and there are 548 famer families living in these villages. The bund of the reservoir which irrigated these five villages has been broken and severe damages has happened to the villages. Twelve houses have been completely washed away and about 25 acres of paddy fields have been field up with sand. About 800 acres of cultivated paddy fields have been destroyed. 26 families who’s carrier is fishing in this reservoir has lost their jobs for several years.


In this trip we have distributed 550 bags of dry ration to the flood victims of these five villages. Each bag contained 5kg of rice, 1kg of dhal,1kg of sugar and 500gr of dry fish. worth SLR 750.00 per bag. Also we had a visit to the Kokawewa school, where 156 children are studying. Many of the students have lost their books and stationary due to the flood. They need the textbooks, exercise books and other stationery. We are organizing to send the exercise books to these students and if anyone is willing, can contribute for this. Our account details are given bellow.


Herewith we have attached few photos of the damaged reservoir and the distribution of dry ration.


Overflowing tank Broken damn

Aid truck Aid distribution

Aid distribution Aid distribution

Aid Aid



With metta,

Mahinda Karunaratne

A/c. No.711444
Bank of Ceylon,
Sri Lanka


Last updated: Thursday, February 24, 2011
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