Karuna Trust's 2013 Scholarship Holders - Rambuka batch


Karuna Trust will give 300 new scholarships in 2013. Unlike previous years, we will select the students from 10 schools in batches of 30 students from each school. Today we handed over the passbooks to the first batch of students selected from R/ Rambuka Mahavidyalaya and R/ Kajugaswatta M.V. These 30 students are attached to Rambuka E- village. These students are in the age of 11 to 14. Dr. Dhasarath Jayasuriya has undertaken to sponsor these 30 students of Rambuka.


We have a plan to train these 300 students as future leaders under the supervision of special trainers. We will be conducting special English and IT classes for them. Also we will train them to play chess and a monthly programme jointly with Alcohol and Drugs Information Centre, to educate them about the harmfulness of drugs and alcohol. Its compulsory for them to attend Dhamma school and to observe atasil on every poyaday. They as a group have to do one community service in every month. Also with the help of their parents to have a small home garden where they will grow green leaves and other vegetables. Every child will have to grow at least two jackfruit trees in their home gardens. These scholarships will be valid up to university studies. All the scholarship holders will have to participate the above activities and if not their scholarships will be terminated.

If you are willing to sponsor a child, please do so by donating US$ 150.00 per year. Please visit our website for further details.


Karuna Trust Scholarshipt awards


Karuna Trust Scholarship awards


Karuna Trust Scholarshipt awards


Mahinda Karunaratne
Founder & Chairman

Last updated: Monday, December 31, 2012
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