Conference for Sri Lankan Youth - August 2008 California
Yes 2008Sri Lanka Foundation is organizing the YES! 2008 World Youth Conference for Young Expatriate Sri Lankan's living all over the world. The purpose of this conference is to develop a network for Sri Lankan youth living all over the world. It will be held on August 16th-24th 2008 at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). The YES! 2008 was created by Sri Lanka Foundation to meet our obligations towards the development of youth in the expatriate Sri Lankan community who were in need of a dedicated event to focus on issues relating to expatriate Sri Lankan youth.

YES! 2008 brings together young Sri Lankan's from all over the world to discuss compelling issues of our times and learn more about our country of origin-Sri Lanka. The gathering will also create a space for young expatriate Sri Lankan's to get to know one another. It's a chance to lear, share, make new friends and to begin creating the future that we want for Sri Lanka.

In addition the conference will encourage expatriate Sri Lankan youth to visit Sri Lanka at least once a year as a group for internship programs and to understand their cultural roots. 
There will be workshops on career development, entrepreneurship, leadership, education, team building, helping Sri Lanka and the duty of youth towards protecting and conserving resources on earth. 
There will be special presentations to learn about Sri Lankan history, music and drama.
Please visit to register and for more details. 
Last updated: Tuesday, June 10, 2008
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