Barrack Obama Feasting on Freedom
By Philip Fernando
 Obama the campaigner
Barack Hussein Obama burst into the political landscape as the one of the most dynamic personalities of this decade-unbelievable but true! He is really your standard corn-fed kid from Kansas who has a funny name but with unstoppable traction towards greatness.
He engulfed a chasm in time almost unimaginable. Between the beginnings of a long primary season in July 2007 to the national election of November 2008, the Obama phenomenon took hold in a mind-boggling fashion. What motivated Obama to seek the presidency was the notion that America must cohere as a nation on the strength of her ideas and not be defined solely by its diverse ethnicity, cultural bonds and commitment to democracy.
How that thought itself got validated is shown in the pages that follow. The long drawn-out gauntlet that marked Obama’s rise is presented here in detail. The concept of change itself went up a notch or two as people’s awareness levels reached dizzy heights. Obama’s change would open the flood gates to a new way of thinking. The odds faced were steep and the road treacherous. The mechanics of survival to thwart a starkly backward looking stance were crafted as he marched forward.
In short, what went into the makings of Barrack Obama was made for the story books. Fascination summed up that quest. The highlights were exciting to behold. So were the tentacles bogging us down making us immobile in a stagnant pause now and then? “Yes we can” meant the nearness and the achievability of goals in contrast to how despairingly remote and well-nigh impossible they seemed at first glance.
The book covers all the hectic moments of the gruelluing primary fight Obama had with Hillary Clinton and the battle of the Titans when Obama and McCain fought it to the finish.
» The book is priced at $ 15 including postage.  Contact Philip Fernando at for advance purchase.
Last updated: Tuesday, November 11, 2008
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