Dear Devotees,


The Texas Buddhist Meditation Center (DFW Buddhist Vihara) will have a religious program on Saturday, May 20th to commemorate The Vesak - Lord Buddhas Birth, Enlightenment and Parinibbana.


Program Start at 9.30 am and end around 9.30 pm. You can come any time during the day and participate.


Program for the day

for Adults

9.30 am - Observe Ata Sil , Theruwan Wandana and Anusashana

11.00am - Buddha Pooja

11.30am - Alms Giving for Maha Sanga and Upasaka/ Upasika

12.00pm - Lunch

1.00 pm - Dhamma Sermon

2.00 pm - Meditation

3.00 pm - Tea Break

3.30 pm - Dhamma sermon

4.30 pm - Dhamma discussion

5.30 pm - Tea Break

6.00 pm - Ata Visi Buddha Pooja

8.00 pm - Lighting Vesak Lanterns, Bhakthi Gee

8.30 pm - Vesak Dansala


There will be a seperate Seela program for Kids

9.30 am - Observe Ata Sil and Dhamma Talk in English

11.00 am - Buddha Pooja

12.00 pm - Lunch

1.00 pm - Meditation and Dhamma Talk in English

2.00 pm - Sil Pawaranaya

You can be a Sponsor for each event and help us to have a very successful Vesak Ceremony.

Please call or email temple to be a Sponsor.


Please bring a Vesak Lantern to light after Bhakthi Gee
Please contact Temple for further details (682-316-3001 / 817-449-6266)
The address of the Temple - 11209 Brownfield Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76028
Map and Directions
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